Trutees of the Naval Heritage Trust

from l to r back row   : Capt G C Knox; Cdr W M Bisset; WO1 L Gale; R Adm C H Bennett (Vice Chairman); WO1 A Wessels; Cdr E N Wesselo;  R Adm (JG) A G Söderlund
front row  : ;\Mrs G Hellerman (Treasurer);  Mr M F Bosazza (Chairman); Mrs N Holderness; Capt T Morom (secretary)

New member Les Gale not on photograph
The NHT is recording the Oral Histories of as many ex-service personnel as well as those still serving in the SA Navy - which includes the Marines.  At this time we have well over 200 oral histories on file in the NHT room which can be used for research.  If anyone would like to be interviewed and then added to the list of members that we have please contact Eddie ( or Glen (
Our reference library has grown into a very valuable and almost complete source of information that those that need to know can come and spend some time with us and look through all the books we have - fiction and nonfiction plus a very good collection of Janes.
We also have a permanent wreath now which saves a fortune and can be used at most ceremonies.
Civid 19 has certainly put a brake on activities.  The production of the next Digest and books does carry on so please be patient and in time you will be notified of the new publications. If you need any information about oral histories or need some books for research please don't hesitate to phone Les (0726773457) or Eddie (0828574454).