Trutees of the Naval Heritage Trust

from l to r back row   : Capt G C Knox; Cdr W M Bisset; WO1 L Gale; R Adm C H Bennett (Vice Chairman); WO1 A Wessels; Cdr E N Wesselo;  R Adm (JG) A G Söderlund
front row  : ;\Mrs G Hellerman (Treasurer);  Mr M F Bosazza (Chairman); Mrs N Holderness; Capt T Morom (secretary)

New member Les Gale not on photograph
The NHT is recording the Oral Histories of as many ex-service personnel as well as those still serving in the SA Navy - which includes the Marines.  At this time we have 180 oral histories on file in the NHT room which can be used for research.  If anyone would like to be interviewed and then added to the list of members that we have please contact Eddie ( or Glen (
The Trustees and their partners of the Society had a lunch at the Simon's Town Yacht Club which was a great success. It was a good time to get together on a social basis as they work hard on many different aspects of the Associations activities such as book publishing, oral histories etc.  The monthly meetings are always busy and by the time that the business of the day is over it is time to head home.  It was also a good time to reward their partners for the time that they give up for the trustees to get on with their business.