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78 Years ago
I would like to thank Captain J K Mallory’s family for the image on the first page of this Newsletter.
In a few days time Sunday will the seventy-eighth anniversary of that final step by the major European nations into a war that was ultimately affect the whole world. I suggest further that the rumblings of that war still continue to affect the people of the world today.
Naval Digest No. 26 Naval Digest No. 26 will hopefully be published before the end of this year. The main content is the memoirs of Captain J K Mallory SM who started his maritime career as a Cadet on SATS General Botha in 1931 then had a career in the Merchant Service where he gained a Master Mariners Certificate and the joined the SDF as a Lieutenant, served in South African
waters and the Mediterranean. After the war he became a Survey Officer and SA Navy Hydrographer before retiring to become Professor of Oceanography at the University of Cape Town.