The latest newsletter/Chairman's report

a. The Chairmanís Report is available to all.
b. The Chairman, Mr Bosazza, included the following highlights in his report:
i. With the distribution of the most recent Naval Digest, the Naval Heritage Trust (NHT) had
produced twenty eight Naval Digests in total since the NHT came into being.
ii. The NHT Rooms have been refurbished. Many books, paintings and documents are available for
reference purposes.
iii. The NHT had sponsored two awards for Grade Twelve students at the Lawhill Academy.
iv. There is ongoing widespread interest in the NHT Facebook page Ė including overseas interest and
from all the major cities in South Africa.
v. Membership of the NHS continues to grow, albeit slowly.
vi. One hundred and forty two (142) oral histories have been completed - from interview to final
c. He thanked the members of the NHT for their support and shared wisdom throughout the year.