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No 1: HMSAS Natal

By Roger Williams
Published: June 1999

No 2: Voortrekker

By Roger Williams
Published: November 1999

No 3: HMSAS Parktown

By Roger Williams
Published: June 2000

No 4: The Four Proteas

By Roger Williams
Published: November 2000

No 5: South Africans in the Royal Navy

By Roger Williams
Published: June 2001

No 6: SAS Pietermaritzburg

By Roger Williams
Published: June 2002

No 7: Commodore R P Dryden Dymond

By V Adm Sir Alan Grose, KBE, RN
Published: November 2002

No 8: A South African Diary of Naval Events

By Chris Bennett
Published June 2003

No 9: Admiral H H Biermann, SSA SD OBE

By Roger Williams
Published: October 2003 Signed H/cover: R60 members R100 Retail

No 10: Rear Admiral M R Terry-Lloyd, SSA SM

By Chris Bennett
Published: September 2004

No 11: South Africa’s Frigates and Destroyers 1944 - 1985

By Professor André Wessels, University of the Free State
Published: November 2005

No 12: Names and Ships’ Badges of the Valour Class

By Chris Bennett and Arné Söderlund
Published: March 2007

No 13: Cdre Dalgleish, Lt M Bartholomew and MS Base

By Roger Williams and Lt Bartholomew
Published: May 2008 1. A short biography of Cdre James Dalgleish. 2. Memours of Lt Mel Bartholomew in WW II. 3. Early history of Minesweeping Base

No 14 From Ministers to Warriors

Published November 2009

No 15 : History of Simon's Town Naval Dockyards

from the original title deeds written by one of our members Mr Louis Vosloo. The book is in colour showing the original title deeds.

No 16 - Commander Laurence Egerton Scott-Napier, DSO

served with distinction in the British Royal Navy (1911 to 1922), the South African Naval Service (1922 to 1931), the South African Seaward Defence Force and South African Naval Forces (1939 to 1945)

No 17: Cdre Hogg and Lt Creighton

This is in reality the first Naval Digest to use one of the Oral Histories. Commodore Bill Hogg Tained at SATS General Botha in 1936. Lieutenant Paddy Creighton When the Second World War broke out in 1939 he joined the RNVR.

No 18 - Able Seaman Gordon Nissen and Telegraphist Raymond Thwaites

both joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, South African Division (RNVR(SA)) 1939.

No 19: Henri Meiring & Barry Stacey

Finished school at the end of 1943 Henri Meiring served for only two years. Barry Stacey joined the RNVR(SA) in December 1940.

No 20: Able Seaman van den Berg SANF and Commodore A C McMurray SM SAN

Another Digest covering the experiences of two Naval personalities being Able Seaman van den Berg SANF and Commodore A C McMurray SM SAN. This digest also covers the story of Operation Snoektown

No 21 - The history of the Naval Museum

the last 21 years in the Mast House and Sail Loft as told by four of the curators. The history of the Naval Heritage Trust since its inception 20 years ago

No 22: South African Personal in the First World War

2014, saw the centenary of the start of the First World War.

No 23: The History of Frigates in the South African Navy

After the announcement by Deputy President Thabo Mbeki on 18 November 1998 that the Cabinet had approved the acquisition of four MEKO A200-SA frigates.

No 24: Anglo-South Africa Naval Relations 1936 - 1975

Anglo-South African relations from 1936 to 1976. It covers four different aspects by: Lt/Col (Prof) G E Visser; Lt/Col (Prof) I van der Waag; E Kleynhans and R/Adm A du Toit RAN (Ret).

No 25: Some documentation of Naval Heritage Interest

In amongst the stored documents in the naval museum, from time to time we come across documents that we deem to be of general naval interest to readers of the Naval Digests. This collection would fall into that category, a letter from London, Cdre F J Dean, OBE, SA Navy and SA Divers.

No 26: Captain J K Mallory - The Sailor Extracts

Captain J K Mallory's daughter lent the Naval Heritage Trust. Commander R T 'Roddy' Tripp, first Director of Hydrography in the SA Navy and handed this job on to Captain J K Mallory when he left the Navy

No 27: From Air Force 'Crash Boats' to Navy IPV's

The Inshore Patrol Vessels (IPV) in our navy have their origins in 1939 with the South African Airforce.

No 28:Allied losses to Axis submarines in the South African Theater 1939 - 1945.

By early 1941 radio direction finding (D/F) stations had been picking up signals from submarines in our area.

No 29: Commodore Edward William 'Ted' Jupp SM,MM

7 July 1924 - 16 February 2019 Utilising the oral history of Commodore 'Ted' Jupp and a collection of pictures, documents provided by the family.

No 30: Union Jack Club/United Services Club

And a tribute to Commodore D F Silberbauer, SM, SAN (Ret.)

No 31: Captain Dave de Wet

A Submariner`s Tale of Three Careers

No 32: RAdm Christopher Bennett, SM, MMM, SAN (Ret)

8 December 1937 - 17 August 2021

No 33: A Navy for the Nation

The fledgling South African Naval Service 1922 - 1940

No 34: The Ship

That sailed under the Albatross

No 35: Ton Class Sweepers

This digest by Paul Daykin and Bill Rice highlights the 10 Tom Class minesweepers that served with the SA Navy from 1958 until taken out of service in 2001.

No 36: V Adm Johan Retief

A man for all reasons

No 37: The Phoenix Flotilla

The story of the Iron Men in their Wooden Ships