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SAS Assegaai Prospectus

Preservation of the submarine SAS ASSEGAAI as a museum of technology.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Update: May 2022

Just a short update on the Submarine Museum project.

We have received great news with the approval by the SANDF for the project to continue and the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between the SA Navy and the Naval Heritage Trust (NHT) by the Chief of the Navy on 11 May and the Chairperson of the NHT on 16 May 22.

The Assegaai remains the property of the SA Navy as part of the SA Navy Museum. The NHT has been delegated to conduct the renovation, move and install the submarine on the hard at the western end of the Cole Point parking area (with its own entrance next to the new NSRI Station 10 building). Once on site, with entrance/exit doors installed in the pressure hull, the NHT will manage and operate the submarine on similar principles as were previously in place when the boat was in the water.

Current Assegaai funds will be used to conduct the various studies and designs required. The renovation and move costs will have to be obtained via sponsorship and support in the form of material, services and funding. A Sponsorship Proposal is available on request at .