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Greetings Naval Heritage Society Members

The good news is that by this time you should all have received your copy of Naval Digest 29, on Commodore “Ted” Jupp. It has been difficult for the editorial staff to get this Digest completed during the Covid crisis, but they have succeeded in producing an excellent product.

The next Digest is well advanced and should hopefully, without further delays, be ready for distribution by February 2021 or earlier.

The trustees are also busy with new Books and Digests which will when ready be published. These include


  • The Navy Band
  • Admiralty House
  • My War – 1939 to 1945 by Lt J N Barfield
  • Old Salts Yards by Charles Kingon
  • Ton Class Minesweepers by Bill Rice
  • Names and Badges of the RN and SAN ships and Shore Establishments including Sea Cadets
  • SA Marines


  • Harbour Services 1861 – 2020
  • WWII Memories including photographs
  • Project Pullen and White Dove, Drakensberg and Outeniqua visits to the Congo
  • Convoy DN21
  • Voyage to the Ice – Outeniqua
  • Catering services in the SAN

Some of the above Books and Digest are well advanced but still need considerable works to get them to the required standard required for publishing though the NHT.

The Trust is also looking for new editing staff from its members to assist in this task of writing and compiling the numerous publications being produced. A Digest can take up to 4 months to produce, whilst a Book can take in excess of a year. If interested, please get in contact with Chris Bennett at

NHT Library of Books

A full list of all the books collected by the Trust has now been compiled and is available for members to read at the NHT Office. The books in the collection now number in excess of 360. A request to all members when clearing out, please remember the Trust.  We are always on the look out for Nautical themed books and in particular, those with a South African theme. We have duplicates of a few books and these are available to members for purchase.

These books are: 

The war at Sea                                               1991     CJ Harris          R80

The war at Sea                                               1991     CJ Harris          R80

South Africa’s Fighting Ships                       1992     Allan Du Toit     R200

South Africa’s Fighting Ships                        1993     Allan Du Toit     R200

Seamansboek        ?                                              SA Navy                  R50

South Africa’s Navy                                        1973     JC Goosen       R150

South Africa’s Navy                                        1974     JC Goosen       R150

A Sailors Scrapbook                                       1997      G  Belton         R80

The History of False Bay up to 1795/1990AE             Bekker              R80

A Sailors Odyssey                                           1951     AB Cunningham R80

Janes Fighting Ships 1976 -77                      1976     Janes                 R150

Janes Fighting Ships 1973 – 74                     1973     Janes               R150

Janes Fighting Ships 1969 -70                      1963     Janes                 R150

Janes Fighting Ships 1969-61                       1960     Janes               R150

Janes Fighting Ships1979 – 80                      1979    Janes               R150

Janes Fighting Ships1986 – 87                      1986    Janes               R150

Janes Fighting Ships1959 – 60                      1959    Janes               R150

Janes Fighting Ships 1944 – 45                     1944    Janes               R150

These books can be purchased through Glen Knox. The cost of postage will need to be added, unless picked up from the NHT office in Simon`s Town or hand delivered within the Cape Town area. His contact details are

Oral History Program

The Trusts Oral History program has continued even through the Lockdown with numerous proof readings continuing and even members writing their own Oral Histories. This year the following have been completed:

Capt Frank van Rooyen, Capt Johan Viljoen, SWO Mel Wainwright, Mr Hylton Ross, CPO Dudley Malgas, WO1 Harry Porteous, Capt Nick Snyman, WO1 Planks van Aswegen, Deon Kriek, R Adm Ivan Visse, Lt Uil Trauernicht, Maj Marie Wanliss, Mike Denny, Cdr Paul Nicholas. Capt Tony Elliot.WO2 Kevin Taylor, SLt Paul Uys, Capt Colin Sharwood.

Many thanks to the above members for knuckling down and completing this important personal task.

Those still outstanding and busy with proof reading and additions, include:

Cdr Tim Johnson, R Adm Alan Claydon-Fink, WO1 Roy Marks, WO1 Laurence Markus, Lt Cdr van Blerck (Being completed by his son Johann) Capt Preston Barnard, WO1 Les Gale, Capt Gerrit Rademeyer (writing his own) Capt Dave de Wet, SLt Francios Burman,WO1 Andre Miggie Pretorius, Gerald Males, Capt Stan Slogrove, Peter Conway-Cleaves. Jason Leer, Arnold Deysel, Eric Joyce, Hayden Dailey, Robert Tazz Brown, SLt Lance Wooding, Capt Deon Brand and WO1 Jenny Brand (both writing their own).

As soon as the full Lockdown is lifted, Oral History recordings will re-commence. If any members would like to participate in the project to record your naval life, please get in contact with Glen Knox on his e mail

New members for 2020

New members to the NHT Society are warmly welcomed and we trust you will all enjoy the publications produced and interacting with the Trust.

The new members are:

Walter Buhler, Johnny Walker, John Janes, H Cunningham, Charl Maritz, N Flaatten, Andre Miggie Pretorius, Deon Brand, Jason Leer, Robert Tazz Brown, Lance Wooding, Arnold Deysel, Gerald Males, Eric Joyce, Kevin Taylor, Deon Kriek, Stan Slogrove.

We would like to encourage all members to look at their own friends and if they are interested in SA Naval Heritage to please get them to join up with the NH Society. The Application form is the 1st post on the SA Naval Heritage fb site.

Additional Naval Reading

Arne Soderlund publishes an excellent Nautical news brief, MARNEWS each evening and he has indicated that he is willing to include any of the Naval Heritage Society members on his posting list. Arne can be contacted on for inclusion

SA Naval Heritage Society Facebook site

This site has continued to grow each month and has become very popular with over 5500 members, many interacting and bringing in new and interesting items on the SAN. Are you a member of this site yet?  If not click on it and join in the discussions.

Naval Heritage Notice 4 September 2020

The following notice was included in the Naval Digests posted out in September 2020. It is requested that all members ensure that their contact details are correct so that they will receive the future Digests and newsletters. Andre Wessels has now a comprehensive data list but struggles to keep track of members when they move house.


A request to all members to please ensure that Naval Heritage has your up to date E Mail address, Postal address and cell number.

AGM notices, newsletters and due date for subs notifications are often returned as unopened or address does not exist.

Confirmation of your E Mail and contact details  may be sent to Andre Wessels at the Heritage  membership site

Naval heritage Yearly Subs

There has been a wonderful return of annual subs this year. Andre Wessels will contact you via email when your subs are due. To all those who have submitted their subs, Many Thanks.