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Message from the Chairman: Mike Bosazza

If we ever took our heritage for granted before, the recent fire which destroyed Mostert’s Mill, de Meule, the Rhodes Memorial Restaurant and so much of the Jagger Reading Room at UCT, brought home to us how fragile our artefacts are.  Many of the collections held at Jagger have been digitised and so all is not lost, but so much has been.

We could lose so much so quickly and that is why the Trustees of the Naval Heritage Trust work hard to record our naval heritage with oral histories, books, relics and memories.

I am sure that you will be surprised at the variety and extent of the publications that we are working on and will be putting out there for all to access and read.  Along the way even the most knowledgeable of us find more interesting facts and of course a treasure like the sword belt (read on) comes as a very pleasant surprise.  We are always looking for interesting and unusual things relating to the Navy so if you have something you want someone else to look after, please contact us.

Covid-19 has made the last year seem to like a black hole, but the vaccine is here and hopefully one day South Africa will be able to stave off further illnesses.  Until then please be careful and stay healthy.

Books in the pipeline

Day by Day is having a complete update covering the period 1488 – 2021. This book is progressing very well and is still on track for a Jan 2022 publishing. Glen Knox is processing this book.

The Navy Band by Kenny Leibrandt. This book has unfortunately slowed down due to lockdown.

My War – 1939 to 1945 by Lt J N Barfield. Is being put together by Mac Bisset.

“Farmer Adrift” by Lex Rogers. The script is being assessed and readied by Mac Bisset for a book publication.

SATS General Botha WWII Roll of Honour is being processed by Mac Bisset with assistance from SATS GB in preparation for their Centenary celebration in 2023.

Old Salts Yarns by Charles Kingon on hold

Ton Class Minesweepers by Bill Rice. The book is now in the final editing and proofreading stage with Arne Soderlund and will hopefully be published later this year.

Names and Badges of the RN and SAN ships and Shore Establishments including Sea Cadets by Arne Soderlund

Honour and Duty stories from the SATS General Botha by Ian Manning and Peter Rogers is nearing completion for publication later this year.

SA Marines – this book is on hold until a suitable author for the project is found.

Navy 100 to celebrate the SA Navy 100 in 2022 is a work in progress. The Trust has been given the go ahead by Navy Office to produce a book for the Navy 100 celebrations. This publication is being handled by Arne Soderlund and other trustees.

Naval Digests in the pipeline

The proposed digests below are in no particular order and will be published as and when ready:

Naval Digest 31: The Dave de Wet life story is the next Naval Digest and is progressing well and due for publication later in 2021. This Digest has been taken over by Glen Knox from Chris Bennett

Harbour Services 1861 / 2021 – by Glen Knox. The progress on this Digest is on hold at present.

WWII Memories including photographs. On Hold

Projects Pullen and White Dove, Drakensberg and Outeniqua visits to the Congo – Arne Soderlund

Convoy DN21 on hold

Voyage to the Ice – Outeniqua by Arne Soderlund, busy with the final proofread and discussions with the original author

A great deal of work still needs to be done on the above books and Naval Digests before being published.

Other topics for possible Naval Digest`s include Naval Pets afloat and ashore. Modern Woman in the SAN. Naval Heritage members are welcome to submit any memories they have on these subjects for inclusion in a Digest.

Naval Heritage and Naval Museum working together.

Naval Heritage was asked to assist in providing funds for the commemorative plaque. The article below appeared in the local press and on fb sites.

Naval Museum and Heritage Trust remember Guy Hallifax (28 March 1941)

On 28 March 2021 we commemorated the untimely passing of Rear Admiral G.W. Hallifax CMG, the first director of the Seaward Defence Force, the forerunner of the modern day South African Navy.  Eighty years ago, a Lockheed Lodestar aircraft that carried him and five other passengers on a flight from Windhoek to Cape Town flew into high ground near Baboon Point close to Elands Bay with total loss of life.  Hallifax was instrumental in raising the SDF to a capable wartime organisation at the stormy start of World War II. 

The curator of the SA Naval Museum Cdr Leon Steyn and WO1 (Ret) Harry Croome; representing the Naval Heritage Trust; unveiled a small plaque near the crash site, in honour of Hallifax, the crew and the other passengers who lost their lives in this tragic accident. We thank local enthusiasts Mariëtte Louw Capes and Emré Forster who have kept the memory of the event alive. Their regular visits to the site have unearthed an interesting array of artefacts.

The commemorative plaque in place on the crash site
Mariëtte Louw Capes and Emré Forster at the site with remnants of the aircraft still being found on the rock face.
The plaque being fixed to the rock face by Cdr Leon Steyn and WO1(Ret) Harry Croome
Rear Admiral G.W. Hallifax CMG, the first director of the Seaward Defence Force

NHT Office

The NHT office is situated in Court Road Simon`s Town below the Simon’s Town Museum and next to the Snookie Shellhole. The office is open for members to visit on Mondays and Thursdays between 0930 and 1200. If you in the area you are most welcome to pop in for a cup of tea or coffee. You will then be able to view the Heritage collection of books, paintings and Oral Histories in the Office. Please bring along your own mask. The office is run by Les Gale and he loves a chat especially about SAS President Pretorius. SA Marines and aircraft.

Books and other interesting Naval memorabilia continue to be donated to the trust and they are all on display in the Office.

R Adm Alan Green donated very interesting type 12 gunnery items and trophies. Only one displayed.


Bombardment spotting disc from SAS President Pretorius

The sword belt worn by worn by 3 x C Navy. Dalgleish, Dean and Biermann. This belt was purchased by the Trust.

This belt was worn at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and funeral of Jan Smuts.

After completing his Oral History recording, WO1 Greg Faure donated his disabled trophy to the Trust. It is made of Brass and Marble and is seriously heavy.

Tim Johnson Prints

The Trust has acquired a few sets of the Tim Johnson naval vessel prints which are available for purchase by the Society members. There are two packs,

The first being the collection of 6 vessels, Drakensberg, Outeniqua, Strike Craft, Protea, A River class Hunter and a submarine. This set of 5 prints sells for R450.

The second set is of 4 prints depicting the 4 Valour class frigates. This set sells for R300.

Each set is sold complete and cannot be split up for single prints. These print sets can be obtained from Glen Knox or by visiting the NHT Office.

Set 1 depicting Drakensberg, Outeniqua, Strike Craft, Protea, A River class Hunter and a submarine
Set 2 depicting the 4 Valour Class Frigates

NHT Library of Collected Books

The Trust now has built up a library of over 400 books which are available to members for reading at the NHT Office.  The full list of all the books is available on request. A request to all members when clearing out, please remember the Trust.  We are always on the lookout for Nautical themed books and in particular those with a South African theme.

We have duplicates of a few books, and these are available to members for purchase.

The duplicates are listed at the end of the Newsletter.

These books can be purchased through Glen Knox. The cost of postage will need to be added, unless picked up from the NHT Office in Simon`s Town or hand delivered within the Cape Town area. His contact details are

Oral History Program

The Trusts Oral History program has continued even through the Lockdown with numerous proof readings continuing and even members writing their own Oral Histories.  There are now 215 completed Oral Histories in our archives. Heritage Society members are welcome to visit the office and read any of the Oral Histories on file. Since we started adding photos to each document they have become even more interesting.

Since the last Newsletter, the following Oral Histories have been completed:  
Lt Roland Barker, Lt George Heard, WO1 Robert Brown, Capt Johan Voss, Capt Aubrey Matson, WO1 Greg Faure, Mr Harry Dilley and a mammoth effort from R Adm Alan Claydon-Fink who completed a 104-page document of his career. Many thanks to all involved.

Some of the above Oral Histories are a “mini version” as the candidates have already passed along, and their information is gathered from articles and family members.  

Those still outstanding and busy with proof reading and additions, include:

Cdr Tim Johnson, WO1 Roy Marks, Lt Cdr van Blerck (Being completed by his son Johann) Capt Preston Barnard, Capt Stan Slogrove, Eric Joyce, Capt Herman de Vries and CPO Johnny Walker

It is request that those still proof reading and adding comments and photos to have their documents completed soonest and returned to Glen Knox at

Own writing has also caught on with Hanlu van der Poel, Glen Knox, Gerrit Rademeyer, Rob Shelly, Keith Hartley, Nigel Peddie, Johan Swiegers and Chris Dooner who are all busy with their own writing projects. Third Parties are also assisting with Oral History of Cdr Tony Rendell.  The Oral Histories for Cdr Peter Bredenkamp and Commodore Sam Davis are also being put together with the assistance of their families.

Although Lockdown is still strictly enforced in some areas we would really like to get the program running at full speed once again. The list of possible new recordings is growing as more and more retirements take place. We would encourage Society members to start writing their own Oral Histories, an hour or two each week is all it takes. However, if you would prefer a recording to be conducted as part of this Heritage project please get in contact with Glen Knox on his e mail  

or through WhatsApp on 084 686 1384

New Members for 2021

New members to the NHT Society are warmly welcomed and we trust you will all enjoy the publications produced and interacting with the Trust and Society members

The new members for March, April and May 2021 are Claudio Chisti and Glen Hoskin

We would like to encourage all Society members to look at their own friends and other retired Naval and Defence personnel who are not yet members and if they are interested in SA Naval Heritage to please get them to join up with the NH Society. The Application form is on the SA Naval Heritage fb site also on our new web page.

How about seeing this as a personal challenge to get at least two of your friends to join up as paid members before the next newsletter in September 2021.

The membership for the Naval Heritage Society now stands at 191.

If you are moving home or changing your email addresses please update your new addresses with Andre Wessels. Confirmation of your E Mail, postal address and cell numbers may be sent to the membership secretary at

Naval Heritage Website

The Naval Heritage web page is now fully functioning and gets a regular tweak by the Web Master Nicholas Dunn.  We have had the site enlarged so more members can be active on it at any one time without the previous crashes.

We encourage all our Society members to log on and see the additional items on display. The link for the site is   Typing in SA Naval Heritage Trust will also link you to the page.

Books and Naval Digests can also be ordered through the web site.

Where can you purchase Naval Heritage books and Digests?

All our published books are available at the NHT Office or through the Naval Heritage web page. Remember paid up members get a big discount on purchases.

Other stockists include Inkosi Africa gift and souvenir shop in Simon`s Town. The Bookshoppe in Tokai next to the Pick and Pay. These two shops have a limited range, whilst The Bookworm Fantasy, Main Road Somerset West has the full range of books and Digests on their shelves. The shops sell the publications at the full price.

SA Naval Heritage Society Facebook site

This site continues to grow each month and has become extremely popular with 6295 members at the end of May 2021. This has been an increase of 366 since March 2021. There have been many positive interactions on the site which have highlighted new and interesting items on the SAN.  Regular readers would have noticed that the daily Shipwreck Report is also being included, this makes for fascinating reading each day.

Are you a member of this site yet?  If not click on it and join in the discussions.

Naval Heritage Yearly Subs

Naval Heritage Subs have been very slow in coming in this year even with Andre Wessels our Membership Sec sending out an email when your subs are due. To all those who have submitted their subs, Many Thanks.

Please ensure you do not fall behind in your subs. The yearly cost is still R150 and will not be increased this year even though the cost of publications and postage has put a strain on the available funds.

Assegaai Submarine Project

From the desk of Chairman of the ASCCOM, R Adm(Ret) Hanno Teuteberg SAN


  1. The Submarine Museum Committee acts as a sub-committee to the Naval Heritage
    Trust (NHT). The aim of the committee is to restore the submarine (ASSEGAAI) and
    to move it to suitable premises to allow it to act as a museum exhibit in the Simon’s.
    Town area.
  2. The idea is for the submarine to be restored whilst on the synchro lift in Simon’s
    Town harbour. At the same time, the future foundation will be prepared on which the
    boat will ultimately rest (out of the water). The current thinking is to place this
    foundation on the Western side of the town jetty. The boat will then be moved and
    placed on its new foundation (this could get interesting, but we have many formidable
    engineers and salvage companies involved).
  3. The South African Navy has given us its full support and would like to ultimately
    transfer ownership of the boat to the NHT. This process is ongoing with the boat
    currently under the ownership of the SAN Museum. Technical studies and drawings
    are well advanced and quotes have been obtained for part of the work to be done
    (Work Breakdown Studies completed). In addition, both the city council and the local
    business community are being involved and we are hopeful to also get the provincial
    government on our side. To do so, we are in the process of awarding contract for the
    compilation of an Environmental Impact Study.
  4. The project is not cheap, and we need to do this in a proper and sustainable fashion.
    Sponsorships are being sought in terms of funding, services, and material.
    The overwhelming support on social media and in other forms is ensuring that
    committee members are pursuing solutions and keeping energy levels high.

If you are interested in assisting, Capt (Ret) John Lamont can be contacted at or 083 650 5695. Any assistance will be gratefully accepted.


Naval Heritage Trust Board

Chairman: Mike Bosazza
Secretary: Capt Trunell Morom
Treasurer: Mrs Glynnis Hellemann
R Adm Chris Bennett
R Adm (JG) Arne Soderlund
Capt Glen Knox
Cdr Eddie Wesselo
Cdr Mac Bisset
WO1 David Harrison
WO1 Andre Wessels
Web Master Nicholas Dunn

Volunteer staff
WO1 Les Gale
WO1 Harry Croome

Next newsletter – September 2021 with a full Chairman report after the next AGM


Duplicate books available for sale to Naval Heritage members









The war at Sea


CJ Harris


South Africa`s Fighting Ships


Allan Du Toit






South Africa`s Navy


JC Goosen


A Sailors Odyssey


AB Cunningham


Janes Fighting Ships 1976 -77




Janes Fighting Ships 1973 – 74




Janes Fighting Ships 1969 -70




Janes Fighting Ships1979 – 80




Janes Fighting Ships1986 – 87




Janes Fighting Ships1959 – 60




Janes Fighting Ships 1944 – 45




Secret stories of WW II vol 1 and 2


Readers Digest


Manual of Seamanship Vol 1




The Brazilian Navy


Carlos Lorch