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Greetings Naval Heritage Society Members

The Trust is please to inform all its members that Naval Digest 30 will be going to print in the second week of December and will hopefully reach you all before Christmas.

Naval Digest 30 is on the Union Jack Club/Union Services Club Cape Town and a tribute to Commodore D F Silberbauer with excerpts from his book If you can hold up your hand, wave! Or If you can`t hear me, wave…..!!

The trustees are also busy with new Books and Digests which will when ready be published. These include


The Navy Band by Kenny Leibrandt

Admiralty House by Sandy Myers and Arne Soderlund

My War – 1939 to 1945 by Lt J N Barfield

Old Salts Yards by Charles Kingon

Ton Class Minesweepers by Bill Rice

Names and Badges of the RN and SAN ships and Shore Establishments including Sea Cadets by Arne Soderlund

SA Marines – Heritage is looking for a suitable author for this project

New Books in the pipeline of books

The Trust has also been given the go ahead by Navy Office to produce a book for Navy 100 and this needs to be ready for publishing in early 2022 and is being compiled by Chris Bennett and Arne Soderlund

The Day by Day is being updated and will be ready for publishing Jan 2022 to also be ready for Navy 100 and is being compiled by Glen Knox

Digests: The proposed digest below are in no particular order and will be published as and when ready

Harbour Services 1861 – 2021 – by Glen Knox

WWII Memories including photographs

Project Pullen and White Dove, Drakensberg and Outeniqua visits to the Congo – Arne Soderlund

Convoy DN21

Voyage to the Ice – Outeniqua by Arne Soderlund

A great deal of work still needs to be done on the above books and Naval Digests before being published

This is a repeated request The Trust is also looking for new editing staff from its members to assist in this task of writing and compiling the numerous publications being produced. A Digest can take up to 4 months to produce, whilst a Book can take more than a year. If interested, please get in contact with Chris Bennett at

NHT Library of Books

The Trust now has a library of 314 books which are available to members for reading at the NHT Office.  The full list of all the books is available on request. A request to all members when clearing out, please remember the Trust.  We are always on the lookout for Nautical themed books and in particular those with a South African theme.

We have duplicates of a few books and these are available to members for purchase.

These books are









The war at Sea


CJ Harris


The war at Sea


CJ Harris


South Africa’s Fighting Ships


Allan Du Toit


South Africa’s Fighting Ships


Allan Du Toit




SA Navy


South Africa’s Navy


JC Goosen


South Africa’s Navy


JC Goosen


A Sailors Scrapbook


G  Belton


The History of False Bay up to 1795


AE Bekker


A Sailors Odyssey


AB Cunningham


Janes Fighting Ships 1976 -77




Janes Fighting Ships 1973 – 74




Janes Fighting Ships 1969 -70




Janes Fighting Ships 1969-61




Janes Fighting Ships1979 – 80




Janes Fighting Ships1986 – 87




Janes Fighting Ships1959 – 60




Janes Fighting Ships 1944 – 45




These books can be purchased through Glen Knox. The cost of postage will need to be added, unless picked up from the NHT Office in Simon`s Town or hand delivered within the Cape Town area. His contact details are

NHT Office

The NHT office is situated in Court Road Simon`s Town and is open for members to visit on Mondays and Thursdays between 0930 and 1200. If you in the area you are most welcome to pop in for a cup of tea or coffee. You will then be able to view the Heritage collection of books and paintings in the Office. Please bring along your own mask. The office is run by Les Gale and he loves a chat especially about SA Marines

Tim Johnson Prints

The Trust has acquired a few sets of the Tim Johnson naval vessel prints which are available for purchase by the Society members. There are two packs,

The first being the collection of 6 vessels, Drakensberg, Outeniqua, Strike Craft, Protea, A River class Hunter and a submarine. This set of 5 prints sells for R450.

The second set is of 4 prints depicting the 4 Valour class frigates. This set sell for R300

Each set is sold complete and cannot be split up for single prints

Oral History Program

The Trusts Oral History program has continued even through the Lockdown with numerous proof readings continuing and even members writing their own Oral Histories. Since the last Newsletter, the following Oral Histories have been completed:  

WO1 Les Gale, Capt Dave de Wet, SLt Francios Burman, Peter Conway-Cleaves, Robert Tazz Brown, Capt Deon Brand, WO1 Jenny Brand, Capt P Jonker (short version) Capt Ernst Lochner (short version)

Many thanks to the above members for knuckling down and completing this important personal task.

Those still outstanding and busy with proof reading and additions, include:

Cdr Tim Johnson, R Adm Alan Claydon-Fink, WO1 Roy Marks, WO1 Laurence Markus, Lt Cdr van Blerck (Being completed by his son Johann) Capt Preston Barnard, WO1 Andre Miggie Pretorius, Gerald Males, Capt Stan Slogrove,. Jason Leer, Arnold Deysel, Eric Joyce, Hayden Dailey, SLt Lance Wooding. It is request that those still proof reading to have their documents completed by 15 December 2020 and returned to Glen Knox at It is the intention to print up the unfinished docs on 16 Dec for filing.

Oral History Recordings have been completed for Herman de Vries and Wilfred Hurwitz, both these are in the typing phase.

Own writing is also catching on with Brian Gobey having completed his own Oral History and his document is having photos added before the final proof reading. Glen Knox, Gerrit Rademeyer, Rob Shelly, Jacqui Wessels and Chris Dooner are all busy with their own writing

Although Lockdown is still enforced strictly in some areas we would really like to get the program running at full speed once again. We would encourage Society members in writing their own Oral Histories. However if you would prefer a recording to be conducted as part of this Heritage project please get in contact with Glen Knox on his e mail  

or through WhatsApp on 084 686 1384

New members for 2020

New members to the NHT Society are warmly welcomed and we trust you will all enjoy the publications produced and interacting with the Trust and Society members

The new members for September, October and November are Trevor Lauri, George Kesselaar, Brian Gobey, Monty MacKinnon, Bill Quinn, Neville Welthagen, Peter Burger, Herman de Vries, Wilfred Hurwitz, Kevon Ashton, Digby Thompson. Barney Drodskki.

We would like to encourage all Society members to look at their own friends and if they are interested in SA Naval Heritage to please get them to join up with the NH Society. The Application form is on the SA Naval Heritage fb site also on our new web page.

The membership for the Naval Heritage Society now stands at 184

If you move to a new house or change email addresses please update your new address with Andre Wessels. Confirmation of your E Mail, postal address and cell numbers  may be sent to the  membership site

Naval Heritage Website

A member of the Society, Nicholas Dunn kindly volunteered to completely revamp the Naval Heritage webpage. He has completed this task and the Trust / Society now has a modern looking and easy to use Web Page. We encourage all our Society members to log on and see the additional items on display. The link for the site is   Typing in SA Naval Heritage Trust will also link you to the page.

Nick Dunn is sincerely thanked for his splendid work in getting this site looking exciting once again.

Additional Naval Reading

Arne Soderlund publishes an excellent Nautical news brief, MARNEWS each evening and he has indicated that he is willing to include any of the Naval Heritage Society members on his posting list. Arne can be contacted on for inclusion

SA Naval Heritage Society Facebook site

This site has continued to grow each month and has become very popular with over 5736 members and has shown a growth of 736 for the year so far. There have been many positive interactions on the site which have highlighted new and interesting items on the SAN. Are you a member of this site yet?  If not click on it and join in the discussions.

2021 Naval Heritage Diaries

The Trust still has a number of 2021 Diaries available for sale at R120 for members. For those wanting a diary they can either be collected at the office or from Glen Knox in Muizenberg. Postage costs with POSTNET will be an additional R60

Naval heritage Yearly Subs

Andre Wessels will contact you via email when your subs are due. To all those who have submitted their subs, Many Thanks.

Christmas 2020 Message

2020 has been a difficult year for most of us and as it comes to the end, many are heaving a sigh of relief.  The Naval Heritage Trust however has not slowed down and I am both proud of and grateful to my fellow Trustees and volunteers who have continued to work to record heritage and expand our reach.

I wish all our members and their families a safe and peaceful Festive Season.  Please take care.  We have lost so many friends this year.  We want to see you all in the New Year.                               

                                                                                                                        Mike Bosazza

Naval Heritage Trust Board

Chairman: Mike Bosazza                            

Secretary: Capt Trunell Morom                  

Treasurer: Mrs Glynnis Hellemann

R Adm Chris Bennett                                           

R Adm (JG) Arne Soderlund                       

Capt Glen Knox                                             

Cdr Eddie Wesselo                                        

Cdr Mac Bisset

WO1 David Harrison                                     

WO1 Andre Wessels                                     


Next newsletter March 2021