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Message from the Chairman: Mike Bosazza

In February each year I represent the NHT at the annual memorial parade to honour the men of SS Mendi which sank off the Isle of Wight in 1917.  The parade is held at the memorial on UCT’s campus and this year the Navy Band, a Naval contingent and the Sea Scouts gave the parade dignity and distinction.

Although the SS Mendi was not Naval vessel, the SA Navy regards it as one of the tragic milestones of our heritage.  I laid a wreath at the memorial, and we distributed copies of Troopship Mendi – The Black Titanic by Nick Ward, to other wreath layers.  The gesture was greatly appreciated.

And in March I will represent the NHT at the Gunner’s memorial service. We believe that it is important to honour and recognise other branches of our military heritage as well.

There is much to read in the following pages, and I hope you will let us know promptly into which category of membership you wish to fall.

Best wishes and regards

Mike Bosazza

Recently Completed Books and Digests

Just Nuisance, AB His Full Story.

This book is selling well and is still available to NH members for only R 80 and retails at R120 to the public. Paxi posting costs R60.

This 218-page book has many additional colour photos of JN and his life. If this book is not in your collection now is the time to purchase it.

The Sea Was Kind To Me by Ronnie Erikson.

This very interesting book on the life in the small ships in WWII has been published and is available at R70 to members and then retails for R100 to the public. Paxi Post will be an additional R60.


SA Naval Events Day-by-Day 1488-2023

This updated publication of Naval events is on sale for R300 to NH members and R350 retail. Paxi post an additional R60. The book is in an A4 format with BW and colour photos depicting naval events on each of the 22 pages.


Also check out the Naval Heritage webpage for the full list of books and ND`s available

Naval Digests (ND) and Books in the pipeline

Naval Heritage attempts to have a minimum of two Naval Digest`s published each year and one book. There are number of Naval Digests being worked on by the Trustees and other writers and will be published as they are completed. The proposed digests below are an indication of what is being planned for the future.

SAS Protea This much awaited Naval Digest has been delayed due to work commitments by the author.  This has prevented it from being completed for publication in April and the trustees have unfortunately been forced to stand it over for a later publication date.

50 YEARS – THE SA INDIAN CORPS TRAINING BATTALION by Cdr Leon Steyn. This proposed Naval Digest covers the introduction of Indians into the SA Navy.  The ND will cover their training and eventual posting to the operational ships, Marines and shore establishments. There will also be highlights on those who progressed up the line in command, achieving Flag rank and those also becoming Warrant Officers and Fleet and Naval Masters.  This Naval Digest is in its early stage of formatting and still requires considerable research and work with additional photos needed before publication later in 2024.

Top Sportsmen and Women of the SAN 1922 – 2023, By Cdr Henriette Moller, Capt Knox and SWO Dave Harrison. This ND is being researched and is presently 130 pages strong. Naval Heritage would very much like to hear from the NH members of any top sports person they can remember, this will greatly assist in the detailed research.

Voyage to the Ice – SAS Outeniqua by Marga Ley and navalised by Arne Soderlund, this Digest is complete. However, Heritage is awaiting approval from the original author, as her notes were used to compile the Digest. This Digest could be published in due course.

Operations Pullen and White Dove, Drakensberg and Outeniqua visits to the Congo – Arne Soderlund. This Naval Digest is progressing slowly and could be published in 2025.

Oral History stories. The Trustees are considering publishing a Naval Digest with a few of the older recorded Oral Histories. There are some amazing stories that have been related re naval lives at sea during and after WWII and even the early Type Frigate 12 days. The stories will be published as they have been told without changing the style of language and in this way the reader will fully understand the naval lives and times some of the older generation lived through.

Dutch Colonisation from 1652-1795 by Deon Brand.

This fascinating book is nearing completion with proofreading and formatting well advanced. The book relates the growth of the Cape with the early arrivals by sailing ship. It then documents the growth of the colony around Cape Town and outlying areas, highlighting the buildings and forts put in place to house and protect the early settlers. An interesting side is the number of sailing ships calling at the Cape and the listing of the various cargos from produce being transported back to Europe from the East and the shocking Slave trade.

This well researched book by Capt Deon Brand has been 10 years in the research phase and will be an interesting read for anyone interested in the early development of the Cape and SA.

The book will be published in the second half of 2024 in an A4 format and around 300 pages.

NHT Office

The NHT office is operating from our new premises and is situated in the SA Naval Museum Submarine Park on the left side of Cole Point Parking area. Over the wall from the NSRI Station 10. The office is open for members to visit on Mondays and Thursdays between 0930 and 1200. If you are in the area, you are most welcome to pop in for a chat and even a cup of tea or coffee. You will then be able to view the Heritage collection of books, paintings and Oral Histories in the Office.  If you would like to confirm a visit, please message Glen on 0846861384 or Chris on 0845130617

NHT Subs 2024

The yearly subs for Naval Heritage have been increased as of 1 January 2024, to cover the climbing printing and postal costs. 

The Post Office has become increasingly unreliable with many ND`s getting returned undelivered with the comment, address does not exist and Post Box closed.

Also posted items go missing and another ND needs to be sent which doubles our costs.

The Trustees have tried hard to keep these costs down without increasing the yearly subs. Besides the ND`s and book projects the Trust is also involved in Oral History recordings, assistance to the Naval Museum and the Submarine Museum project. All these events cost, and funds need to be carefully allocated to ensure the Trust can meet its Heritage goals.

There will however be a saving for those wanting the electronic copy of a Naval Digest. Published Books will still need to be hard copies.

New Subs will be as follows.

  • Electronic copy only, subs R180 (no hard copy posted)
  • Hard copy, subs R280. This will include the cost of the Paxi Post with Pep Stores. Hand delivered publications in the Cape Town area will also fall into this category as the Trustees will be required to travel around their allocated areas delivering the publications personally. Each Trustee will then be given a small travel allowance for this duty.
  • Overseas delivery, subs R380 this will include the standard overseas postage with the Post Office (appears to be working better than local postal services)
  • Corporate membership will also be R280.

Any other postage will be on an individual basis through the Paxi system.

All members are now required to let the Trust know,

  • Which option they are choosing Electronic (via email) or Hard Copy,
  • Which Pep Store is their desired delivery point and their correct cell number. Paxi Post will have the packages delivered within 7 days of posting. Their system is well controlled, and packages are tracked constantly.
  • Hand deliveries will need correct street address, not a P.O. Box

Hand delivered publications in the Cape Town area can only be delivered to actual addresses no longer P.O. Boxes.

Notification of Pep Store delivery point or actual home address as applicable and correct Cell phone numbers should have been sent to Andre Wessels at  by 31 December 2023


NHT Library of Collected Books

The Trust continues to build its library of Nautical Books and magazines.

Heritage is always on the lookout for Nautical themed books and in particular those with a South African maritime theme which can be added to the Heritage reference library.   Any books donated to the Trust that are found to be duplicates will be donated to the local Sea Cadet units and Lawhill Maritime school library.


Oral History Program 

Every day of your life is a page of your history.

The Heritage Trusts Oral History program has continued strongly. There are now 295 completed Oral Histories with 26 in the final processes of proofreading and typing. There were unfortunately 14 Oral Histories incomplete due to poor video sound However, Dave Harrison has been able to enhance the sound and download them. Heritage has now managed to have 5 of these typed up and they are now in the Heritage Oral History database. All these OH files can be read in the Heritage Office.

One-on-One recordings continue with both Glen and Eddie attempting to make inroads into the considerable backlog. 15 new OH names have been acquired from the Cape Town Lost Dogwatch group and these recordings will commence soon. Numerous Mini Oral Histories with the info being obtained from family members, old Navy News articles and other documents continues. 

The oral histories presently being proofread include Capt Peter De Beer Strydom, Capt Chris Dooner, Capt Richard Loydell, Capt Rob Thomson, Cdr Basie Broekman, Capt Jock Deacon, Cdr Clyde Stirling, Capt Graham Davies, WO Mark Tomlinson, Capt Peter Louwrens, RAdm Theo Butler, RAdm Derek Christian

Oral histories in for typing process include, VAdm M. Hlongwane, Capt Sonica Schulenberg, RAdm Steve du Toit and RAdm Dunstan Smart.

Completed Oral Histories during the last quarter include WO1Doc Bevan, Charles Bates, WO1 Ernest Sadler, AB Nigel Nagel, RAdm Evert Groenewald, R Adm E Green, Johan Swiegers, Lt Paul Posser (WWII) a trio of shipmate from HMS Teviot Slt Ross, AB Hart- Davies and AB Du Toit (WWII)

Those busy with Own Writing include Gerrit Rademeyer and Glen Knox.  A third party is still attempting to complete the late Tony Randal`s Oral History.

WO1 Roy Marks is completing his book based on his initial recording. Lt Cdr van Blerk`s OH is being worked on by his son Johan van Blerk based on an initial recorded memory.

A trip to the Durban area for a recording session is still on the cards, however the retired Durbanites are being very slow in volunteering their time for recording important memories.  We need to confirm at least 10 candidates to make this trip worth the costs.

We would encourage Society members to start writing their own Oral Histories, an hour or two each week is all it takes. However, if you would prefer a recording to be conducted as part of this important Heritage project, please get in contact with Glen Knox on his email  

or through WhatsApp on 084 686 1384.



New members to the NHT Society are warmly welcomed and we trust you will all enjoy the publications produced and interacting with the Trust and Society members.

The new members for January to February 2024 are:

Gary Van Der Wal,               M Stroham

We would like to encourage all Society members to recruit amongst their own friends and other retired Naval and Defence personnel who are not yet members to join up if they are interested in SA Navy and SA Naval Heritage. The Application form is on the SA Naval Heritage fb site and on the Heritage web page.

The paid-up membership for the Naval Heritage Society now stands at 263.

Society members who do not respond to renewal emails and are non-paying for 6 months after renewal date are unfortunately removed from the Heritage data base.

If you are moving home or changing your email addresses, kindly update any new addresses with Andre Wessels. Confirmation of your Email, postal address and cell numbers may be sent to the membership secretary at


Naval Heritage Website

The Naval Heritage web page continues to be maintained by the Web Master, Nicholas Dunn.

We encourage all our Society members to log on and see the additional items on display. The link for the site is  

Typing in SA Naval Heritage Trust will also link you to the page.

Additional books and Naval Digests can also be ordered through the web site.

The NHT web page has had 13203 Hits, Naval Digests and Books have received 945 and 1048 visits respectively.  Assegaai project 1584 visits.

Have you visited the Naval Heritage webpage yet?

Where can you purchase Naval Heritage books and Digests?

All our published Naval Digests and books are available at the NHT Office in Simon`s Town or through the Naval Heritage web page. Remember paid up members get a big discount on all purchases bought at the office or online. Payments can either be cash or card.

Other stockists include Enkosi Africa gift and souvenir shop in Simon`s Town and the SA Naval Museum. Both these venues only hold a selection of the inventory and sell the publications at the full retail price.

Special deals on Naval Digests

The Trust has made the full set of the Naval Digests number 1 to 37 available to members at just R1700. Normal retail price R3330 to non-members for this set. Postage of R150 with POSTNET and R60 with PAXI will need to be added in unless collected in person from the NHT office Simon’s Town or in Muizenberg.

 Naval Digest numbers 1-37 at R1700 a set

To obtain this Heritage book bargain contact Glen Knox

Individual Naval Digests sell for R70 to members and R90 retail.

SA Naval Heritage Society Facebook Site

This site continues to be extremely popular with 6990 members having joined the fb site since it commissioned in 2009. There have been many positive interactions on the site which have highlighted new and interesting items on the SAN.  The daily Shipwreck Heritage Report is also included, this makes for fascinating reading each day.

Are you a member of this Facebook site yet?  If not click on it and join in the daily discussions.


Naval Heritage Trust Banking details

Naval Heritage Trust Standard Bank code 051001
Account number 072 102 276



R Adm Hanno Teuteberg (Ret)

The Submarine Museum project has made steady progress over the past months and our plan still includes the moving of the boat to its exhibition site this year (provided that the relatively small amount of outstanding funding can be found!).

At the exhibition site, we are ready to receive the boat with foundations completed and some of the buildings transferred to the NHT.  The plan to use the additional buildings as part of a “shore” exhibition is in place with quite a few treasures (such as sonar and tracker consoles and even an attack periscope stand) having been located. 

The submarine’s path from the Synchro Lift to the exhibition site needs to be cleared.  This involves moving some of the Lamnda Walls and getting rid of the scrap yard on the Western edge of the Cole Point Parking area.  The committee has met with the new Flag Officer Commanding Naval Base Simon’s Town as well as the Executive Manager of ARSMCOR Dockyard and we have their blessing for these obstacles to be moved.  In addition, the Chief of the Navy has assisted in promulgating an instruction to this effect.

The support frames for the transport of the submarine are in place (thanks to DAMEN Shipyards).  R Adm Watson (Ret) has done much work in designing and manufacturing the new entry and exit points for the submarine on the starboard side (Forward and Aft Messes). 

This work entailed the ordering and preparation of steel for the stairs and the landings (with much assistance from the Dockyard).  In addition, a team has cleared the inboard affected areas and cutting has commenced on the outer ballast tank hull as well as the pressure hull itself.  Weather and security proof doors will also be installed once the openings have been completed.

As always, funding our museum remains the biggest obstacle.  However, steady progress is being made in this regard.  The project has received approximately RK 757 so far, mainly from submariners, their families, and their various connections.  For example, Cdr Dirk Visser (Ret) has so far managed to obtain more than RK 200 from various connections!  Approximately RM 1,565 has been received in kind in terms of services rendered and materials donated.  The bottom line is that we will need about RK 350 to be added in order for us to start our negotiations with companies to move the boat.  This is achievable and the project team is working tirelessly to do so.  A gentle reminder that the actual bunks onboard are for sale with the name tallies of contributors being placed on each bunk. 

  • RK 10:              Forward Accommodation,
  • RK 20:              Aft Mess,
  • RK 30:              Wardroom, and
  • RK 50:              Captains Cabin.

However, any donation (small or large) is graciously accepted to complete this project!

In addition, Special Forces have come onboard and will use the Honeymoon pits on the Pneumatic Rams for an exhibition to bring back old memories.

The details for donations and sponsorships are as follows:

The Naval Heritage Trust

Standard Bank
Universal Branch Code:           051001
Account Number:                    07 210 2276
Swift Code:                              SBZAZAJJ

Naval Heritage Trust Board

Chairman: Mike Bosazza                                     

Vice Chairman: Capt Glen Knox                         

Secretary:     Capt Trunell Morom                        

Treasurer:    Mrs Glynnis Hellemann

Trustee:        RAdm (JG) Arne Soderlund         

Member:       Capt Chris Dooner                          

Trustee:        Cdr Eddie Wesselo                         

Trustee:        Cdr Mac Bisset

Member:       WO1 David Harrison                      

Trustee:        WO1 Andre Wessels                      

Web Master

Nicholas Dunn

Volunteer staff

WO1 Harry Croome


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